Cultivate Resources

21 Ways to Empower
Employees in 2021

Empowerment is good for employees and good for business. Here’s a list of 21 ways you can achieve it.

The HR Leader’s Guide
to AI-Based Coaching

AI-based coaching makes it much easier to track the results accurately. But how do you accomplish this?

The Cultivate Advantage:
Unlocking Value in
Message Content

Analyzing the content of digital messages makes a more effective coaching tool

Coaching at Scale: AI Democratizes Leadership Development

How Cultivate is democratizing leadership development using AI-based coaching.

Empowerment Summit

Empowered employees
are more effective, engaged
and balanced

Behavior Quiz:


Take our 2 minute quiz
to see how you compare with
other managers

Leadership Trends:
Emoji Usage at Work

A special analysis of how
leaders use emojis with
teams in Slack