Cultivate teams with Intel and Harvard Business Publishing to research how leveraging IoT technologies can improve online learning and coaching

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – July 01, 2021 – Today digital leadership platform Cultivate announced it is teaming with Intel and Harvard Business Publishing to improve online learning and coaching. Specifically, the companies aim to develop and test technology to analyze transcribed audio taken from video meetings to create valuable coaching insights and learning recommendations, and then measure if a transfer of knowledge has occurred. The first use case in this research collaboration will test the ability to help managers have better 1:1 meetings with their direct reports.

“We are excited about the ability to extend Cultivate’s AI coaching analysis to other mediums of communication, such as video meetings, and continue to help teams and people leaders collaborate at their best.” said Joseph Freed, Co-Founder and CEO at Cultivate.

Currently, EdTech training and learning tools are very fragmented. By leveraging an open-source solution with interchangeable components and accessible data, the companies aim to lead the industry in building education solutions to help both learners and educators.

Intel and Harvard Business Publishing will also transfer the project learnings to a variety of contexts including higher education, corporate learning, and additional research to achieve the goal of developing lifelong learners.

“We are excited to address pain points in the corporate learning sector with the power of technology and education partners,” said Raysana Hurtado Amador, Principal Product Manager at Intel. “With this project we are leveraging Intel’s open-source technology and expertise to provide the workforce with actionable insights to become leaders and lifelong learners.”

About Cultivate

Cultivate is a digital leadership platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide in-the-moment coaching and tools to enterprise leaders. Beyond helping managers become more self-aware, the platform enables employees to be more effective, engaged and balanced at work. Cultivate in based in San Francisco. Visit us at, find us on Twitter, or on LinkedIn.

Joe Freed, CEO

Joe Freed, CEO

As Co-founder and CEO of Cultivate, Joe is focused on building leadership development and future-of-work technology for the digital workforce. In addition to leading Cultivate, Joe enjoys writing about workplace trends, teaching about startups and product management at UC Berkeley Extension, and occasionally running a marathon.