No matter where we work from, whether it’s at home, the office, or a combination of both, our calendars continue to drive the makeup of each day. And for many, this means that our calendars determine our productivity level each day. Because of the power our calendars have over our day to day, at Cultivate we’re constantly studying the impact calendars have on employees. 

New research is suggesting that people are wasting too much time in online meetings. More than half the respondents of a recent survey said that 40% of their meeting time is unproductive and wasteful. 

With that in mind, Cultivate is excited to announce our newest product #Flex Calendar aimed to decrease the number of unproductive meetings. 

#Flex Calendar works by giving your meeting attendees the optionality to reschedule or confirm certain meetings that you mark as flexible.  This allows the opportunity to adjust your calendar with the ebbs and flows of your work and life.

Before meetings marked as #flex, attendees will be sent a reminder email making sure that the meeting still makes sense. Cultivate’s #Flex Calendar checks in asking, are you ready for a productive meeting or would it better to reschedule? 

Using your calendar availability and shared preferences, #Flex Calendar will automatically suggest a new time for the meeting, letting you and your team get back to focusing on the work that’s most important. Time saved is productivity unlocked. 

Cultivate’s #Flex Calendar requires no extensions or applications to start using. Just sign-up with your Google or Microsoft account and go!  Give it a try.

Lizzie Jaeger

Lizzie Jaeger

Lizzie is the Lead Product Manager at Cultivate. With a background in Human Resources, Lizzie is passionate about both people and building technology that empowers people.