BASF uses Cultivate to give managers continuous feedback


Lower Cost of Attrition

Improved Manager Trust

Increased Employee Wellbeing


BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, is a global enterprise with over 115,000 employees. BASF’s Digital Innovation group implemented Cultivate to test the capabilities of AI to deliver continuous feedback to their people leaders.

Cultivate provides leaders with a continuous view of their performance, and proactively helps them understand when their performance has changed (alerting them with quantitative metrics). When Cultivate delivers those metrics, it also shares actionable suggestions and learning content that connects to the behavior, and improvement areas leaders have selected for themselves. BASF was looking for a feedback tool to compliment its existing survey feedback program. For leaders who get their survey feedback and then ask “now what?”, Cultivate is a thoughtful response and reinforces BASF’s dedication to actively developing its talent. Cultivate’s analysis forms a basis for identifying and then intentionally promoting (automatically, in real-time) the leadership behaviors that drive the best business outcomes for BASF.


BASF’s Digital Innovation group successfully launched and used the Cultivate platform, and is now expanding its use within the organization. The Digital Innovation group cites employee retention as the driving factor in expanding its use of Cultivate. If Cultivate only prevents one person from leaving BASF in 2020, it pays for itself. This may be an employee who finds that their relationship with their manager improves. Or, an employee who sees Cultivate’s use as a signal that BASF cares about their workplace welfare. It could also be a leader who views the tool as an indication that BASF is invested in their professional growth, as well.

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