McKesson Uses Cultivate to Help People Leaders Better Understand Digital Relationships



Managers using Cultivate give 90% more recognition to their direct reports.


Report better self-awareness of how they treat team members.


McKesson Corporation is a global leader in pharmaceuticals and health information technology with more than 78,000 employees worldwide. The company’s people analytics and leadership development teams wanted to help people leaders better understand their digital relationships and provide an ongoing coaching tool that could deliver continuous feedback to help them improve.

Cultivate provides leaders with a continuous view of their performance, and proactively helps them understand when their performance has changed (alerting them with quantitative metrics). When Cultivate delivers those metrics, it also shares actionable suggestions and learning content that connects to the behavior and improvement areas leaders have selected for themselves.

McKesson initially launched Cultivate as a pilot program in 2019 across their people analytics and leadership development teams. Since then the platform has been expanded and is being used by more than 500 people leaders to gain insights into their digital relationships with more than 5,000 team members. As a completely opt-in leadership tool, Cultivate continues to grow organically at McKesson as users share the platform with others and the company incorporates the resource into internal communications such as their monthly employee newsletter.  


McKesson initially offered Cultivate as a tool for people leaders with distributed teams to better understand their digital relationships. When the pandemic hit, McKesson underwent even more rapid digital transformation due to the dramatic shift to a remote workforce, which further increased employee reliance on digital communications. Cultivate became a vital resource as people leaders looked to understand how that change impacts team relationships.  

The results by McKesson have thus far been a resounding success. Managers that actively use Cultivate give 90% more recognition to their direct reports, and over 80% of users report better self-awareness of how they treat team members. This includes insights on observed behaviors such as after-hour messages, responsiveness, sharing opinions and more. This is important as leaders work to understand the role giving recognition, requesting feedback or fostering psychologically safe plays in leadership success. For example, McKesson found that mangers who express doubt or share opinions with their team more often in digital channels tend to have higher performance ratings.  Not only do people leaders get individual coaching on how they can improve, but they can also see what kinds of leadership behaviors help mangers and teams excel at McKesson overall.

Managers reported the tool improved their self-awareness.