Samsung NEXT uses Cultivate in response to COVID-19


Improved Remote Communication

Increased Manager Communication

Managers reported the tool improved their self-awareness.


Samsung NEXT, a ventures and innovation group within Samsung, was already using Cultivate with a small group, but expanded it to all managers when COVID-19 forced them to face a new reality of remote work. Cultivate provides leaders with real-time awareness of how they are digitally collaborating with their teams, and proactively nudges them to improve in areas of communication frequency, responsiveness, tone, and meeting time. With employees in San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv, and South Korea, NEXT employees have always relied heavily upon digital communication platforms such as email, Slack, and Zoom to collaborate with employees in other offices. But these platforms became even more critical when the entire global team went suddenly remote in response to COVID-19 related events. Samsung NEXT made Cultivate available to all managers, to help them support and coach their teams while adjusting to the new way of working.


Samsung NEXT reports that since the team went remote, over 70% of managers are engaging with the recommendations sent by Cultivate. Managers also report increased awareness of how often they are checking in with remote team members, and behaviors impacting employee well-being, such as tone and after-hours messaging.

Samsung NEXT managers have engaged with recommendations sent by Cultivate.