Employee Empowerment Summit Videos

Employee Voice and Why it Matters

Video | Ethan Burris

Professor Of Management, University of Texas at Austin

Data Privacy and AI in the Workplace

Video | Ali Shah

Head of Technology Policy, UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Resilient (and Remote) Leadership

Video | Cathy Benko & Dr. Brian Glaser

Cathy is the former Vice Chairman & Managing Principal at Deloitte
Brian is Director of The Google School for Leaders & Head of Talent

Being Empowered and Supported to Thrive Remotely

Video | May O’Neal

Chief People Officer, Varo Money Inc.

Wellbeing Lessons Learned from Organizations in 2020

Video | Nancy Vitale

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Partners for Wellbeing

People Sustainability and Inclusion Through Empowerment

Video | Judith Williams

Head of People Sustainability and SVP, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, SAP SE

The Future of People Analytics for the Employee

Video | RJ Milnor & Prasad Setty

RJ Milnor is the Head of People Analytics at Uber
Prasad Setty is the VP of People Operations at Alphabet

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