Employee Empowerment Summit

Empowerment is good for employees and good for business. Employees that feel empowered are more effective, engaged and balanced.



If employee empowerment is on your list of goals for 2021 we created an eBook with 21 ways you can achieve it.


Employee Voice and Why it Matters

Video | Ethan Burris

Professor Of Management, University of Texas at Austin

Data Privacy and AI in the Workplace

Video | Ali Shah

Head of Technology Policy, UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Resilient (and Remote) Leadership

Video | Cathy Benko & Dr. Brian Glaser

Cathy is the former Vice Chairman & Managing Principal at Deloitte
Brian is Director of The Google School for Leaders & Head of Talent

Being Empowered and Supported to Thrive Remotely

Video | May O’Neal

Chief People Officer, Varo Money Inc.

Wellbeing Lessons Learned from Organizations in 2020

Video | Nancy Vitale

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Partners for Wellbeing

People Sustainability and Inclusion Through Empowerment

Video | Judith Williams

Head of People Sustainability and SVP, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, SAP SE

The Future of People Analytics for the Employee

Video | RJ Milnor & Prasad Setty

RJ Milnor is the Head of People Analytics at Uber
Prasad Setty is the VP of People Operations at Alphabet