40% of Meetings
Waste Time

Take back control of your calendar by automatically removing unproductive meetings.  

Trust us, your team will thank you!

Insights and coaching based on real-world interactions.

Get continuous feedback to improve leader self-awareness.

Personalized growth opportunities that get smarter over time.

Tailor-made for each manager, adjusted to goals and team dynamics.

Tools to strengthen workplace relationships in the digital age.

Assistive intelligence to help foster effective team collaboration.

Meetings Made Flexible

Inefficient meetings prohibit team productivity and increase cognitive load and burnout. By tagging a meeting as #Flex, Cultivate will take initiative to ensure each meeting is worth your time.

Eliminate Unproductive Meetings

Meeting burnout got worse during the pandemic with constant work check-ins.

Cultivate automatically checks with attendees to determine if the meeting is still necessary, can be cancelled or needs to be rescheduled. 

Get Your Time Back

In-depth meeting analytics and smart rescheduling assistance will give you insights into how much time you’ve saved so you can get back to doing the work that matters most. 

#Flex Your Calendar for Free