McKesson Corporation is a global leader in pharmaceuticals and health information technology with more than 78,000 employees worldwide. The company’s people analytics and leadership development teams wanted to provide their people leaders with a coaching tool that could deliver continuous feedback and help them improve. This led them to become a Cultivate customer.

As a highly distributed organization pre-pandemic, McKesson initially offered Cultivate to its people leaders as a tool to help them better understand their digital relationships. The results McKesson have experienced thus far have been a resounding success. McKesson has seen better self-awareness, increased manager recognition, and improved leadership trust thanks to the Cultivate platform.

“Cultivate has been a very engaging development tool for us, providing unique insights for our people leaders on their workplace relationships, which is tremendously important at a time when team effectiveness is critical to the new workplace.” said Andy Harrison, Senior Director of Leadership Development at McKesson.

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Cultivate is a digital leadership platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide in-the-moment feedback and tools to enterprise employees. Our mission is to help build stronger workplace relationships, and empower people leaders and employees to be more effective, engaged, and balanced.