Data security and privacy

At Cultivate, we don’t see data security and privacy as an afterthought or a problem to be solved – it is core to our technology, company ethos, and product user experience.

Our Privacy-by-Design Approach

Opt-In Only

Managers opt-in at their own discretion when invited by company admins.

For Managers’ Eyes Only

No personally identifiable metrics are shared with others in the organization.

Lean Analysis

Cultivate only analyzes communication exchanged between a manager and their direct reports.

Anonymous Benchmarks

Anonymous benchmarks help managers understand where they are without compromising on privacy.

Vulnerability Disclosure

We appreciate feedback from the security community and strive to quickly address security issues.

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For more information on our legal, security and privacy policies, view our Agreements and Policies.

Standards and compliance


Cultivate follows the SOC-2 security and privacy standards criteria for managing customer data.
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Cultivate helps our clients stay compliant with GDPR and the modernization of laws to protect the personal information of individuals.


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