As our workplace environments have changed – from an office to our homes to probably some combination of both – so to have the traditional workplace norms and expectations of how we collaborate with each other.  None more so than at the team level, which is maybe the most important dynamic inside companies.  How we collaborate and work with our team defines our feelings of motivation, inclusion, trust, and wellbeing.

But as our personal life has blurred with our work life – many of us working out of our homes – it is even harder than ever to keep up with what each individual on your team needs to be balanced and productive at work.   

With that challenge, Cultivate is excited to announce our latest product to help remove that guesswork and ambiguity, and give teams a voice to design their optimal work and collaboration experience so they can work at their best.







Cultivate Team Alignment is a new product to help teams (especially hybrid and remote) move beyond unspoken expectations and provide transparency around the new norms and preferences of your team.  Cultivate looks for optimizations across your team to help build culture and make sure everybody on your team is heard.







As team enablement is a continuous process, Cultivate also automates check-ins and adjusts alignment based on each team’s unique norms.  As we all deal with shifting office schedules and collaboration patterns, Cultivate helps your team work at their best with ongoing insights and tips for strengthening their workplace relationships. 







Cultivate Team Alignment also requires no installation or integration to start using. Just sign-up, invite your team, and go!  Give it a try.


And Team Alignment gets even better when you install our AI-coaching platform, to automate calendar updates, and align your digital behavior.  Learn more here.

Joe Freed, CEO

Joe Freed, CEO

As Co-founder and CEO of Cultivate, Joe is focused on building leadership development and future-of-work technology for the digital workforce. In addition to leading Cultivate, Joe enjoys writing about workplace trends, teaching about startups and product management at UC Berkeley Extension, and occasionally running a marathon.