Align With Your Team in the New Hybrid Workplace

Keeping up with what each individual on your team needs to be balanced and productive at work has never been harder. Cultivate removes the guesswork so everybody is working at their best.

Introducing, Cultivate Team Alignment

Insights and coaching based on real-world interactions.

Get continuous feedback to improve leader self-awareness.

Personalized growth opportunities that get smarter over time.

Tailor-made for each manager, adjusted to goals and team dynamics.

Tools to strengthen workplace relationships in the digital age.

Assistive intelligence to help foster effective team collaboration.


Workplace norms and expectations are constantly changing, especially as the lines between home-life and work-life become blurred.  Remove the ambiguity and give your team a voice to design their optimal work and collaboration experience so they can work at their best.



Move beyond unspoken expectations and create team agreements, to provide transparency around the new norms and preferences of your team.

Cultivate looks for optimizations across your team to help build culture and make sure everybody on your team is heard.


As we all deal with shifting office schedules and collaboration patterns, help your people work at their best with ongoing insights for optimizing their workplace relationships.

Team enablement is a continuous process, and Cultivate automates check-ins and adjusts alignment based on each team’s unique norms.

No setup or installation required.
Just sign up, invite your team and go!

Want to make your Team Alignment intelligent and automated with AI? Add Cultivate’s AI Coaching Product

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