Our latest whitepaper outlines how the ability to analyze the content of digital messages (as opposed to just looking at message metadata) makes Cultivate a more effective coaching and analytics tool.

Cultivate is an individualized AI-based coach for your team members that uses data from an employee’s chats, emails and calendars to help them become better leaders. This data gives us the ability to passively understand information about digital relationships.

One type of information we can measure is metadata (data about other data), like one-on-one meetings, after hours messaging, and communication frequency. With that information, you can know if people are chatting after hours, who is initiating messages with whom, and how often two people are communicating. But metadata does not capture what is happening during the conversation. The ability to go beyond the simple counts and frequencies that metadata can provide is what makes Cultivate unique.

Understanding the content of digital communication makes for a more effective coaching and analytics tool

Cultivate can analyze the content of these messages for metrics such as responsiveness, asking for opinions, giving recognition, requesting feedback, and many others which cannot be gathered from the metadata alone. This allows the Cultivate platform to:

  • Understand and share actionable insights that help users achieve a better understanding of their relationships with their team members.
  • Target specific behaviors that are known to have positive downstream effects, aka the “soft skills” of leadership.
  • Provide a much richer understanding of company culture than organizational network analysis, based on metadata alone, can.

These are just some of the many possible ways that analyzing message content can help people leaders. Read about all of these future possibilities in our latest whitepaper: The Cultivate Advantage – Unlocking Value in Message Content



Cultivate is a digital leadership platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide in-the-moment feedback and tools to enterprise employees. Our mission is to help build stronger workplace relationships, and empower people leaders and employees to be more effective, engaged, and balanced.